Salt&Pepper Boutique



Let's do brunch!

Salt & Pepper Boutique

Chapter I

Once upon a time, in a land neither far, nor near, a few BFFs were enjoying their Sunday brunch at a charming and quiet family owned cafe. As they sipped sparkling mimosas from crystal flutes, they shared stories of their recent work and pleasure related travels. Rainbows of sun-bunnies danced all around, reflecting off their clinking flutes, while giggles and cheers flowed like the bubbling fountain just outside.

Each of the young ladies were so different, exotic, and distinct in their own ways, but they all shared one thing in common in the eyes of a street passerby – Their exquisite sense of personal style. There was a gorgeously framed, giant mirror across the bright and vibrant room, so of course they had to take a selfie for all of their eager Instagram followers. Instantly, one of them received a comment from a mutual friend from the West Coast

“You guys should start your own boutique already! You have one loyal customer right here

They all laughed at such a bold statement but the message resonated.

The waiter came over to take their order.

Once they placed their order for some fresh and delicious entries, one of them, who had a Master’s Degree in Business Management whispered. “Hey Ladies… why not?! We already have an awesome following and paparazzi’s snapping pics of our fashionable Street Style looks… Most importantly, with our combined professional experience and personal beliefs, we will make one badass company!”

“Alright…” said another who had a fancy designer degree and worked as an Art Director, “But what is our niche market? We are all so different. We all like different things. We all have different hobbies. Sure we borrow each other’s clothes, but we definitely have very different personal styles. We need a focused Brand Identity for this venture to be a success.”

“Ok, so why are we friends?” picked up another, finally looking up from her phone. “We all love to travel and share adventures. We are forever young and successful all in our individual ways. But most importantly WHY NOT just try it and see what happens!!!”

None of them could come up with any more valid excuse than simply not enough hours in a day. But at that moment, everyone at the table agreed to carve out some time, from their buzzy schedules, for this new serendipitous project.

“Sounds like fun!” Said one of them with her delicate accent She was the only one who mostly remained quite, because she was still just learning English.

“Well now, to the most important question of all – What should we call our new boutique?”

The food arrived. And as the servers set the table with scrumptious treats the waiter asks:

“Salt & Pepper Ladies?”

“BRILLIANT!!!” They all squeal at the same time.
“Short & chy!”
“We would definitely win by association” – laughed the Art Director
“And sooo on point!”

They looked back at the mirror and saw a rainbow of brilliant souls smiling back at them. Souls on a mission to make the world a more stylish and peaceful place.

And just like that, this new adventure begins… CHEERS

Our Philosophy

Everyone is unique in their individual ways. But what keeps the world spinning are forces of love and friendship, the two strongest forces in this universe that eliminate all evil: hate, rage, discrimination, and all political, scientific, or religious differences.

But before you jet off on your own journey to save the world, you need to be friends with your own self first. Here is the 101 on our “Me, Myself & I” theory.


Me   (The Heart)

It’s all the people and things you love. It’s those strong inexplicable urges that make us do what we do. It’s our perception of reality and all the dreams and aspirations that one has. what makes our many little worlds a better and brighter place. It’s a place of gratitude, compassion, benevolence, generosity, amiability and serenity.


Myself   (The Brain)

This is our ego, the voice in each person’s mind that manifests our reality. It’s all the personal, political, social, religious, and scientific beliefs that one has adopted from their direct environment. “Myself” is the buzzy bee of the group and the most productive, as we can actually see the outcomes of our thoughts and actions with our own eyes. This what creates all of our fears, while constantly plotting, and calculating all the possible outcomes of our actions.


I   (The Courage)

I – is the silent judge. Those split-second decisions. Your intuition, and the mediator between the other two voices in your head. This one is our internal alarm system encrypted into our DNA for simple survival purposes, to guide us away from danger in the most curiously convenient moments.

People that learn to embrace all three of these energies are considered lucky by common convictions, but are no different than you and I. They are simple human beings that believe in love and magic. Beautiful, happy, and lovely souls that spread happiness and joy wherever they go


Bon Voyage!